Why Does SOLMA Use Fenugreek?

If you’re not familiar with fenugreek, Healthline describes it as “an herb that grows to around 2 to 3 feet tall … the herb has a maple-like taste.” It’s also known to support breastfeeding parents with their milk supply!

According to UT Southwestern Medical Center, if a breastfeeding parent feels stress, fatigue, or another ailment, their milk supply may decrease. That means, with the recommendation of their doctor, they may seek to take supplements to boost their production. Fenugreek is one of the many ingredients that may be used to encourage lactation production.

Verywell Family shares a few studies that have proven fenugreek’s benefits:

  • Researchers found that new mothers taking fenugreek tea had increased breast milk production that helped their babies gain more weight.
  • The volume of pumped milk from mothers who consumed fenugreek tea doubled compared to that of other mothers—2.5 ounces compared to 1.15 ounces.

They also note that “fenugreek is thought to boost the production of breast milk due to an effect on the stimulation of sweat production, and mammary glands are sweat glands that have been modified by hormonal stimulation.”

At SOLMA, we’ve conducted countless hours of research and partnered with some of the best experts in the industry to ensure we’re delivering only the best products to you. Feel free to visit our FAQs to learn more about what goes into our teas!

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