☕️ Can You Drink Chamomile Tea While Breastfeeding?

Is this herbal tea safe to drink while lactating? Short answer: yes, although it’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider first.

Not only is chamomile tea safe to drink, but it also has wonderful health benefits for breastfeeding parents. As shared by Mom Junction, chamomile tea has galactagogue effects, which is known to help a breastfeeding parent increase their breast milk supply. One study found that, in some mothers, breast milk production can increase by up to 20%.

What are additional health benefits from chamomile tea? Let’s find out, as shared by FirstCry and Mini Klub.

1) It may promote sleep cycle, which is crucial, as breastfeeding parents often struggle with disruptive sleep patterns. This tea produces sleep-inducing antioxidants and lacks caffeine, helping parents to settle right into a restful sleep.

2) It may relieve stress. As new parents especially, there are a lot of things that may be on your mind at any given moment. Chamomile tea brings a calming nature and helps to relax you.

3) It may reduce menstrual pain, freeing you from the cramps that happen during that time of the month while caring for your infant.

4) It may boost your immune system. Parents and infants are especially prone to contracting illnesses during the postpartum stage, so working towards a strong immune system is critical. Chamomile contains several anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight colds and sore throats.

5) It may improve your digestive system. Flatulence and gas pains are common amongst lactating parents, and chamomile tea’s carminative properties make it effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders.

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