Does Breastfeeding Make You Hungry?

Feelings of hunger are incredibly common when you’re breastfeeding your little one. In fact, research shows that the average energy costs to sustain milk production and lactation are upwards of 650 - 850 kcals/day, on top of what your body might typically need in a day. As you already know, breastfeeding is laborious work, so it makes complete sense why you need more fuel to keep going.

And in case you need some perspective on how much energy truly is used, get this: Crystal Karges Nutrition shares that the energy demand on your body from breastfeeding is equivalent to doing high-impact aerobics for over an hour, or running 6-7 miles in a day. Unbelievable, right? When you look at it this way, of course you’ll be starving after that much exercise!

Additionally, according to INTEGRIS Health, postpartum women may also feel extreme hunger due to:

  1. Fluctuating hormones
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Increased thirst

It’s crucial to ensure you’re taking care of yourself while caring for your baby. If you’re not used to feeling this level of hunger, Noodle Soup recommends:

  • Setting reminders throughout the day to eat
  • Avoiding postpartum diets
  • Drinking plenty of fluids
  • Keeping easy foods on hand
  • Eating food that will sustain you

After getting through all of this, you may be wondering which snacks and food items you should add to your shopping cart next time you hit up the grocery store. As shared on Verywell Family, experts suggest eating snacks that will satisfy your hunger and combine fiber, protein, and fat. Examples include:

  • Fruit smoothies with protein powder
  • A mix of nuts with dark chocolate chips
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Whole grain bread with nut butter and banana

As you begin to fulfill your hunger, you’ll likely notice yourself feeling thirsty, too. That’s where SOLMA comes in! Our ready-to-drink teas simultaneously quench your thirst and support lactation. Available in chamomile, lemon, and rooibos, you’re sure to find a flavor that satisfies any palate.


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