These Galactagogue Foods May Help Promote Lactation

Before you begin loading up on galactagogue foods, it’s important to know whether you really need more breast milk production or not. Verywell Family shares a list of situations where this may be applicable:

  1. Your period returning has caused a dip in your supply of breast milk.
  2. You’re breastfeeding after breast surgery.
  3. You’re exclusively pumping for your baby.
  4. Your milk supply is low.
  5. You’re pumping for a preemie or a sick infant in the hospital.
  6. You stopped breastfeeding and would like to start again.

If any of those points apply to you, incorporating more galactagogue foods into your diet may be the next best step. Healthline and Verywell Family recommend these foods to support that:

  • Almonds
  • Brown rice
  • Chickpeas and lentils
  • Fennel
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Green papaya
  • Lactation cookies
  • Oatmeal

This doesn’t necessarily mean going out of your way to eat exotic foods but more so ensuring you have a balanced, healthy diet. Overall, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of whole grains, protein, and high-quality fats, and you’ll be golden!

As you eat these foods, you’ll likely notice yourself feeling thirsty, too. That’s where SOLMA comes in! Our ready-to-drink teas simultaneously quench your thirst and support lactation. Available in chamomile, lemon, and rooibos, you’re sure to find a flavor that satisfies any palate.


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